Troy (2004)
Front Cover Actor
Eric Bana Hector of Troy
Sean Bean Odysseus
Orlando Bloom Paris of Troy
Saffron Burrows Andromache
Julie Christie Thetis
Brian Cox Agamemnon
Brendan Gleeson Menelaus
Diane Kruger Helen of Troy
Peter O'Toole Priam of Troy
Brad Pitt Achilles
Movie Details
Genre Action; Adventure; War
Director Wolfgang Petersen
Studio Warner Brothers
Language English
Audience Rating R (Restricted)
Running Time 165 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Homer's sprawling tale of love and war in ancient Greece comes to the screen in all its grandeur in this epic-scale adventure. In 1193 B.C., Paris, Prince of Troy (Orlando Bloom), has fallen in love; however, the beautiful woman who has beguiled him is Helen, Queen of Sparta (Diane Kruger), who is wed to King Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson). While Helen is hardly immune to Paris' charms, this doesn't blunt Menelaus' fury when Paris steals her away from him. Menelaus' brother Agamemnon (Brian Cox), the power-hungry king of the Mycenaeans, is eager to expand his empire through Troy to the lands of the Aegean Sea, and he uses Paris' romantic slight against Menelaus as an excuse to wage an all-out war against the great walled city. Priam, King of Troy (Peter O'Toole), summons his armies, led by Prince Hector (Eric Bana), to meet the onslaught of Agamemnon's forces, but while the great city has yet to yield in a battle, Agamemnon has a formidable ally — Achilles (Brad Pitt), a mighty and seemingly unstoppable warrior whose presence could tip the scales in Agamemnon's favor. Sean Bean, Julie Christie, Saffron Burrows, and Rose Byrne highlight the film's supporting cast. — Mark Deming
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Format DVD
Region Region 1
UPC 085392841127
Release Date 1/4/2005
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Color Closed-captioned Widescreen