John Q. (2002)
Front Cover Actor
Robert Duvall Grimes
Daniel E. Smith Mike Archibald
Kimberly Elise Denise Archibald
Eddie Griffin Lester
Shawn Hatosy Mitch
Anne Heche Rebecca Payne
Paul Johansson Tuck Lampley
Ray Liotta Monroe
Denzel Washington John Q
James Woods Dr. Turner
Movie Details
Genre Action; Drama
Director Nick Cassavetes
Studio New Line Cinema
Language English
Running Time 118 mins
Country USA
Color Color
A national health care crisis in the United States yields this tense drama from screenwriter James Kearns and director Nick Cassavetes, who experienced a real-life dilemma with his daughter's congenital heart disease that mirrors the one in this film. Denzel Washington stars as John Q. Archibald, a factory worker facing financial hardship as a result of reduced hours in his workplace. When his young son, Michael (Daniel E. Smith), is stricken during a baseball game, Smith and his wife, Denise (Kimberly Elise), discover that their child is in need of an emergency heart transplant. Although the Archibalds have health insurance, they are informed by hospital administrator Rebecca Payne (Anne Heche) that their policy doesn't cover such an expensive procedure. Unable to raise the money himself, John persuades the hospital's compassionate cardiac surgeon, Dr. Raymond Turner (James Woods), to waive his lofty fee, but is still left with too much of a financial burden to bear. With no recourse but to take his son home to die, John snaps and holds the staff and patients of the hospital's emergency room hostage at gunpoint. John is soon a media hero, the focus of intense news coverage, even as police chief Gus Monroe (Ray Liotta) and hostage negotiator Frank Grimes (Robert Duvall) try to resolve the situation before it leads to bloodshed. — Karl Williams
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Format DVD
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