The China Syndrome (1979)
Front Cover Actor
Stan Bohrman Peter Martin
Scott Brady Herman De Young
Wilford Brimley Ted Spindler
Peter Donat Don Jacovich
Michael Douglas Richard Adams
Jane Fonda Kimberly Wells
James Hampton Bill Gibson
Richard Herd Evan McCormack
Jack Lemmon Jack Godell
Daniel Valdez Hector Salas
Movie Details
Genre Drama
Director James Bridges
Language English
Running Time 123 mins
Country USA
Color Color
This gripping 1979 drama about the dangers of nuclear power carried an extra jolt when a real-life accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Pennsylvania occurred just weeks after the film opened. Kimberly Wells (Jane Fonda) is a TV reporter trying to advance from fluff pieces to harder news. Wells and cameraman Richard Adams (Michael Douglas, who also produced) are doing a story on energy when they happen to witness a near-meltdown at a local nuclear plant, averted only by quick-thinking engineer Jack Godell (Jack Lemmon). While Wells and Adams fruitlessly attempt to get the story on their station, Godell begins his own investigation and discovers that corporate greed and cost-trimming have led to potentially deadly faults in the plant's construction. He provides evidence of the faulty equipment, which could lead to another meltdown (the "China syndrome" of the title), to Wells and Adams, who give it to their soundman to bring to a hearing on nuclear power. The soundman is murdered, however, and Godell soon realizes his own life is threatened, possibly by his own bosses at the plant. Driven to the edge of a breakdown, Godell takes over the plant's control room at gunpoint and demands to reveal his findings on TV. The plant's management, however, has other plans, and the facility itself is becoming dangerously unstable. Whether or not you agree with the film's clear anti-nuclear bias, its sobering message and riveting, realistic story and performances are still difficult to ignore. — Don Kaye
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